G4S Cash Solutions Ireland

Damian Young, Managing Director G4S Cash Solutions Ireland and member of G4S Group Management, discussed with us how G4S used the test and what value it creates.

The Challenge

G4S Cash Solutions is Ireland’s leading provider of integrated cash management solutions. As a company, G4S is very focused on meeting the current and future needs of its customers.

Speaking at the launch of its state of the art National Cash Centre, Damian Young, Managing Director said: “This facility underpins our focus on technology, innovation and automation to maintain our leadership position in providing end-to-end cash and payment management solutions to Irish businesses and banks”.

The management of G4S was conscious that many organisations have implemented digital initiatives in isolation of real change to their day-to-day business. Many have applied a digital veneer to an otherwise analogue organisation.

For Young, the real challenge was to create an organisational culture where all employees see digital as a key part of their role. The business also needed to tap into the collective creativity of its people.

How the Digital Maturity Index (DMI) gave G4S a Starting Point and Greater Common Understanding

According to Young, “We used the digital maturity audit as a starting point in our digital transformation to plan the way forward. The DMI outputs gave us valuable insights and the basis for better discussions. We also learned to better understand each other’s perspectives”.

”The DMI is a great way to define a starting point and critically understand both the similarities and differences. The audit led to a greater common understanding, which facilitated better communication and collaboration”.

Understanding the level of digital maturity, and its position against each area of our business, made it easy for G4S to plan and prioritise its transformation efforts. More importantly it aligned everyone across the organisation and had them speaking the same language.

Reflecting on the experience, Young said, “I would definitely encourage any organisation serious about digital transformation to embrace the Digital Maturity Index”.